Physical Science Field Trips
Exploratorium (San Francisco)
RF Observatory (Kenwood)


    This trip is not yet planned. I would like to take a number of students to the Exploratorium in San Francisco near the end of the first semester. The criteria for going will be the same as the RFO trip. This should be a reward for being responsible and getting your work turned in. More infor here later.

Trail Hike and Star Gazing Field Trip

    In May, 40 students will go to Sugar Loaf Ridge State Park in Kenwood and take a tour of the Robert Ferguson Observatory (RFO). This observatory houses a 14" CCD telescope (charge coupled device - computerized) an 8" refractor, a 24" reflector and a 40" reflector; in addition, there are slide shows, a variety of photos of celestial bodies, a lab for grinding lenses, a library, and docents (tour guides) who can answer questions. The observatory is set atop the ridge next to miles of trails.
     We will be leaving school in the late afternoon (around 4:15), arriving at the campsite and taking a hike (optional) up the ridge (about 2-3 miles). Upon returning to the campsite, we will eat (provide own food) and relax until the docents have the observatory ready for the tour. The tour lasts about 45 minutes and when it's dark enough, the viewing begins.
     We will need parents/chaperones to drive to and from RFO and they are welcome to stay for the hike and viewing. Due to varying interests, individuals will depart at whatever time they wish - as long as all students have a ride home.
     Due to the size of the observatory, only 40 students may go. A sign-up sheet will be passed around in class and if there are more than 40 signed up, those students with the fewest missing assignments will be chosen (not the highest grades - the fewest missing assignments).
* May 15, 2007; Sugar Loaf Ridge State Park, Kenwood
* Robert Ferguson Observatory (RFO)
* Leave school late afternoon
* Take a hike (optional) about 2-3 miles
* Provide own food and drink (bring water!)
* Camera, fun stuff (balls, frisbee, etc.), sunglasses, sunblock (ALL OPTIONAL)
* Layered clothing (it is warm in the afternoon, COLD at night)
* Parents/chaperones to drive
* Limit 40 students
* Time returning to Santa Rosa (estimated) 11-11:30pm