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3rd Period Psychology:
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3rd Period Psychology:

New Procedure for Office Hours - Please call my classroom first to let me know you're ready to meet on Zoom. Leaving Zoom on for hours all week is draining the computer. See Earth Science page for my classroom number. Thanks.

Office Hours MTRF (2:10-3:30 drop in for students/parents/guardians) Meeting ID: 920 3847 6321 Passcode: 3He3nW

Office Hours W (1:40-3:00 drop in for students/parents/guardians) Meeting ID: 962 2844 9967 Passcode: 8ERzLU

Re-Re-Review of Attendance:
Let's make the Attendance issue very simple (District Policy)...
You will be marked "present" if one of these occur:
*You attend and participate during a scheduled Zoom meeting (I need to see and hear you, please)
*You turn in an assignment or turn in redone work on that day
*You communicate with me via email or phone in a meaningful way (just emailing me to say "whassup" doesn't cut it)
You will be marked "absent" if none of these occur.
Remember that we have no class meetings on Wednesdays so you must attend office hours, turn in work or communicate with me to be marked present on Wednesdays.