EAHS Science Lab Report Format
(This is the format that all EAHS science teachers will be using)


INTRODUCTION/PURPOSE:  (1 or more paragraph)

HYPOTHESIS (CLAIM): (1 Sentence)

  1. “I think…because….”

    • 2.   “If……then……because…..”

3.  a detailed testable explanation or statement

MATERIALS:  (bulleted List)

EXPERIMENTAL SET-UP/PROCEDURE: (list of numbered steps)


Qualitative Data: (bulleted list)

Quantitative Data: (tables, charts, graphs)

DATA ANALYSIS:  (1 or more paragraphs)

CONCLUSION:  (1 or more paragraphs)

Example:  After the experiment, I accept my hypothesis because the pillbugs preferred the dark.

Example: After the experiment, I reject my hypothesis because pillbugs preferred the light.

Example: After the experiment, my data was inconclusive as the pillbugs showed no preference for light or dark.

LAB REPORT QUALITY:  ALL FORMAL LAB REPORTS need to be typed (12 pt. font/normal margins) or written neatly in blue/black ink.  

  • Clarity – The reader can clearly understand what you were trying to do, how you did it, and what  your results were. Anyone should be able to repeat your experiment by reading your report.

  • Neatness/Organization – The report is neatly written and well organized.

  • Syntax – Correct spelling and grammar are used throughout the lab report.