(Taken directly from the class syllabus)

    IF YOU ARE ABSENT... and the absence is verified (i.e. medical, field trip) when you return you will have normal "due" time to turn in an assignment (the assignment will not be late, but you have the same amount of time everyone else had. Please note on the assignment that you were absent so I will not think it is "LATE"). Exceptions will be made for medical excuses for labs/activities that cannot be made up but it is YOUR responsibility to show me the note or verify the absence with me (this is posted/explained more in class [above my desk]).
    Upon your return, it is YOUR responsibility to get any missed assignments from the assignment calendar online/in class.  If you decide not to get the missed work, you will earn a zero.
    If the absence is NOT verified (a cut), and the work cannot be made-up (certain labs, activities, etc.) you will earn a zero.