Related News Articles
Related News Articles
Many of you have stated you wish to seek to understand the standards on a higher level. Reading an article about a topic we are covering and relating it to our current standard is a great way to demonstrate further thought. I used to refer to this as the NNCE. You can now add this to your Cornell Notes or even on an exam or other assignment. It can also be turned in as a separate assignment as long as you are showing me you are connecting what we are studying in class to what's going on in the world. Feel free to search for an article yourself or you can find one of these and start here.
(I just started this so if you find an article, send it to me and I will link it, giving you credit of course)
Standard Title





Research Methods


Biological Bases of Behavior

Sensation and Perception
States of Consciousness
Memory & Thought
Motivation & Emotion
Abnormal (Disorders)
I. History/Background of Psychology:
*This one isn't about Psychology but it's about how to take effective notes for Psych or any class
*Not that any of you would even think of cheating.. but here's a good one
*I could put this one in every category; I won't just here (heard this before?)

II. Research Methods

III. Biological Bases of Behavior
*Why You Have to Poop in the Morning
*Scientists Scanned the Brains of Bullies and Found Something Grim
*When You Quit Weed, Here's What Happens to Your Mind and Body (I could have also put this under States of Consciousness OR Abnormal Psych)
*Here's How GPS Devices Are Messing With Your Brain
*Here's What Happens to Your Brain When You Hear a Pun

IV. Sensation and Perception

V. States of Consciousness
* Five most addictive substances on Earth
* 5 Scientific Tricks to Fall Asleep Fast When You Can't Sleep
* Why we wake up at 3:00am
*If You Go To Bed At This Time, You May Have Devastating Health Issues
* Why Do I Wake Up Early For No Reason?
*Why Some of Us Can't Sleep Without a Fan

VI. Learning

VII. Memory & Thought
*Marijuana and memory loss/schizophrenia (

VIII. Intelligence
*Islands of Genius (savant syndrome)
*Teen Marijuana Use Linked to IQ Loss
*Is this Emotional Intelligence from Ben Franklin?
*EQ in industry/do you have it?
*Forgetfulness might be a sign of high intelligence (many articles on this; here are two - tried to find the ones with the fewest ads. Oy)

IX. Motivation and Emotion
* The Purpose of Crying

X. Developmental
* Normal Habit Could Be Symptom of Alzheimer's
* What Teenage Brains Can Teach Us About Creativity
*Regular Aerobic Exercise May Slow Progression to Alzheimer's for Those Most at Risk
*And another one like above (Cardiovascular Exercise decreases Alzheimer's and improves other brain activity)

XI. Personality

XII. Abnormal (Disorders)
* Man Hasn't Spoken to Family for Years Because He Can't Stand the Sound of Their Chewing (Misophonia)
*If You See A Baby in This Black and White Image, We Have Bad News About Your Mental Health
* Marijuana and memory loss/schizophrenia (

XIII. Social