Progress Report/Grade Update/Parent Communication
    In the past, I have printed grade reports and the students have been required to take them home for a signature and bring them back for a grade. This was to ensure parents/guardians were aware of students' progress. With the availability of online grade portals, I have changed this assignment. In an effort to promote more family involvement and accountability, and to decrease paper usage, the assignment is now as follows:

*All grades are posted online and can be accessed here (

*Each student has 5 weeks to do the following:
  - Discuss with parent/guardian current grade; what student is doing well and what needs to be improved
Have parent/guardian communicate with me regarding the student's grade/progress/comments

*Communication can be an email, phone call or written/typed letter (any time within each 5 week period)

*Parent/guardian indicates s/he is aware of the grade his/her student has in the class, addresses what the student is doing well and needs to improve, and communicates comments or questions for me. Communication doesn't need to be long - just cover those topics (a few sentences should be fine).
If you need to translate, I suggest using an online translating tool (e.g. GoogleTranslate), then copy and paste into the email. Select Earth Science or General Psychology on the home page to access my contact information.

*The dates will be set on the assignment calendar and it is the student's responsibility to make sure his/her parent/guardian makes contact with me within that 5 week period.

*If no contact is made within that 5 week period, the student's score will be a zero (0) for this assignment. (The category is Class Preparedness)

Thank you for taking an active role in your student's education and if there is anything I can do to help be a part of his/her success, please communicate with me.