If you are not satisfied with the score you earned on an assignment, you may redo the assignment or a related assignment to make up creedit but the decision on what to do is up to you.
    Credit will be given ONLY IF the following are completed:
* Include an explanation about your corrections (i.e. WHY it was wrong, WHAT you did to make sure it is now correct/better, and HOW you did it [what you learned])
* Include the original "graded" assignment (no original=no new score)
*When redoing exam questions, organize your explanations on a separate paper or doc; the more you explain and provide examples, the more likely you will earn full credit. Merely putting the correct answer doesn't show me you truly understand it.
* When redoing group assignments, "accountability" also must be redone; unless only one person redid the work - indicate this on the paper.

This is probably the best way to raise your grade (if that is what you want); please take advantage of it.