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Many of you have stated you wish to seek to understand the standards on a higher level. Reading an article about a topic we are covering and relating it to our current standard is a great way to demonstrate further thought. I used to refer to this as the NNCE. You can now add this to your Cornell Notes or even on an exam or other assignment. It can also be turned in as a separate assignment as long as you are showing me you are connecting what we are studying in class to what's going in in the world. Feel free to search for an article yourself or you can find one of these and start here. Here is the link to Newsela (Earth Science articles) for this class (the code is 2GFY57)
(This is a work in progress, send it to me and I will link it, giving you credit of course)
Standard Title



Introduction to Earth Science


Plate Tectonics/Plate Boundaries


CA Resources/Hazards

Carbon/Nitrogen Cycles
Solar System
I. Introduction to Earth Science:
*Cornell Notes Helpful!
*Not that any of you would even think of cheating.. but here's a good one
*A Berkeley Student Asked His Professor to Bump His 89.99% to a 90% and She Was Having None of It!
* This Periodic Table Illustrates How We Interact With Each Element

II. Plate Tectonics/Plate Boundaries
 * K-T Extinction (
 * Volcano on Fire (
 * Possible Death of a Tectonic Plate
 * New Zealand Volcano erupts (tourists die despite warnings)
 * Interactive map plots your address over 750 million years of Earth's history (short article of changes in biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere over time)
*Are We Seeing a New Ocean Starting to Form in Africa?
*Why is the Earth's Core So Hot? And How Do Scientists Measure Its Temperature?
*Nuclear Fission Conformed as Source of More Than Half of Earth's Heat
* How Earthquakes Show Us The Interior Of The Earth *This isn't really an article so much as a "lesson" on how P and S waves show us what the inside of the Earth is made of. There is a video that shows what the article states. Great lesson of Layers of the Earth based on evidence.
* See a Billion Years of Earth Plate Tectonic Movements in Just 40 Seconds
* Erasing a Billion Years of Geologic Time Across the Globe
* One example of site about earthquake data (check out for earthquake info around the world); this was a 7.1 magnitude quake central Mexico on 9/19/2017:
*Volcanic Crater Violently Erupts Covering Whole Mountain in Lava
*Watch This Intense Footage of a Drone Crashing into an Erupting Volcano
*What Would Happen if Yellowstone Blows Up Tomorrow?
*Alaska Volcano Erupts: Explosive 15,000 Ft Ash Cloud Sent Into Sky - Alert Level Red
*A Giant Laser Just Revealed a Weird New Detail About the Earth's Core
*This Volcano Erupted for Five Straight Years - And the Photos Are Out of this World
*Watch This Video and See How Deep Oceans Really Go

III. CA Resources/Hazards
*Graph Illustrating CA Climate vs Fire Hazard
*Renewable Energy: Powered by Poop (also in Climate and Atmosphere (reducing methane production))
*Here's What Would Happen if You Touched Lava
*Which Foods Need the Most Water to Produce?
*Long Valley Supervolcano Warning as Clues of Imminent Eruption Across Californian County

IV. Atmosphere
*Climate info from NASA (maps, news, interactive stuff, etc.)
*Here's Why Planes Fly at 36,000 Feet
*Renewable Energy: Powered by Poop
*Air Pressure and How It Affects the Weather
*Dropping Oxygen Will Eventually Suffocate Most Life On Earth

V. Climate
*Ocean Acidification
*Climate info from NASA (maps, news, interactive stuff, etc.)
*Psychotherapist talks to teens about climate change: Their responses
*Graph Illustrating CA Climate vs Fire Hazard
*Mass Extinction that Killed 70% of Earth's Animals Might've Taken Place in a Different Time Period (Not about current climate but shows old changes could have caused drastic changes)
*New Ocean Current Discovered Off the Coast of Madagascar
*Atlantic Ocean Current Slows Down to 1,000 Year Low
*Renewable Energy: Powered by Poop
*A Major Ocean Current May Be Hurtling Toward Collapse
*What's the Difference Between 1.5*C and 2*C of Global Warming
*Arctic Was Once Warm

VI. Carbon/Nitrogen Cycles
*Ocean Acidification
*COVID-19 (simulation of how the spread is exponential and the curve can be flattened)
*Which Foods Need the Most Water to Produce?

VII. Solar System
*Planet Nine is Real
*Asteroid Size Comparison
*NASA Data Shows Something Leaking Out of Uranus
*This Engine Could One Day Save Us From Planetary Disaster
*New Evidence Suggests Planet 9 is Real
*Solar Winds Hitting Earth Are Hotter Than They Should Be, And We May Finally Know Why
*Scientists See Bright Flash as Object Smashes into Jupiter
*Powerful Solar Storm Approaching Earth Can Impact GPS, Cell Phone Signals
*Venus is More Earth-Like Thank Scientists Ever Thought After Ground Breaking Discovery of Tectonic Action
*Jaw Dropping Footage From First Spacecraft to Touch the Sun
*A Sun Skimming Spacecraft Captured Video of a Massive Plasma Eruption on the Solar Surface for the First Time

VIII. Stars/Galaxies
*How the Higgs Boson Was Found
*Hubble's Expanding Universe
*New Infrared Image of Pillars of Creation (in Eagle Nebula)
*Most Important Image Taken by Hubble Space Telescope
*GAIA Satellite To Find Out If We're Wrong About Dark Energy And The Expanding Universe
*A Star May Soon Explode, And We'll All Get to Watch
*Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein's Theory (Black Holes Colliding)
*Earth Faster, Closer to Milky Way Black Hole Than Previously Thought
*Key to How Universe Works May Have Been Discovered
*All Hell Breaks Loose - A Trillionth of a Second Before the Big Bang Explosion
*What Happened Before the Big Bang?
*Mysterious Great Dimming of Giant Star Betelgeuse Finally Explained
*Mystery of the Gigantic Oort Cloud from Deep Space Explained
*The Voyager 1 Probe Is Now So Far Away That It Can Hear the Background "Hum" of Interstellar Space
*Giant Dying Star Explodes As Scientists Watch in Real Time - A First for Astronomy