Parent Letter Regarding 1st Semester Grade/Effort
Write a letter to your parent/guardian addressing the following:

1. What grade did you earn 1st semester and why?
2. What grade do you plan on earning 2nd semester and how?

This is to be signed by your parent/guardian and shown to Fleischer.

In this digital age, be creative on how they can indicate to me that they have "signed" it. As long as you show me they have seen it, you will get credit for it. You will keep the letter after showing it to me so you can remind yourself what you did and what you need to do to achieve your goals.
(A typed name on a doc does NOT hold up as a "signature"; however, a typed name with a statement that verifies that it is that person will suffice. Additional comments by your parents/guardians communicating to me is a great idea for you and for them to stay involved in your academic career)