Foiled Again


Predict what will happen when Al is dropped into CuCl2:


Materials: 100 mL beaker, 30mL CuCl2; 9cm2 of Al, glass stirring rod, thermometer


1. Bring clean beaker to Fleischer to receive CuCl2and Al.

2. Crumple Al into loose ball. Do NOT crush it tightly.

3. Find the starting temperature (T) of the CuCl2 and get ready to start recording time (t).

4. Drop the Al into the CuCl2.

5. Make detailed observations. After making many observations, including temperature change, use the stirring rod to poke the Al and stir the solution.

Make more observations!


Questions to think about before writing your Conclusion:

* If you start with 3 elements, how many can you end with?

* Where did the Al go? What happened with the Cu and Cl?

* How would you complete the following chemical reaction?


  Al  + CuCl2-->  ?                  +                 ?       


* What is the Law of Conservation of Mass/Energy and how does it apply to this lab as well as what we are studying in class and your daily life?