Developmental Psychology
    The field of Developmental Psychology is far too extensive on which to spend such a limited time. For that reason, your next project will be to divide into groups and research one of the areas of Developmental Psychology. The idea is to choose a category that interests you and to have fun with the project, as well as gather enough information to share with your classmates as they will be sharing their information with you.

    The Levels of Development are as follows:
 The information you gather should be relevant to the following categories of development:
*Physical     *Cognitive     *Social     *Emotional     *Learning/Intellectual

    Your research can be done at the school library (you will have a week in there), online, at SSU or SRJC (or any other college). Your text is a great source and I have other texts as well as papers, notes, articles, and activities you may use. Field experience and interviews are some of your best tools and many different accommodations (field trips, etc.) can be made if you are organized and don't procrastinate.
    You will be presenting your information to the class and may choose to present in a play, skit, film, lecture w/demos/props, etc.
    Creativity is rewarded but not at the expense of the information. You will share your research with the class in your presentation for their knowledge/understanding. Whether you choose to make a video, or any other medium, please review it so that it is coherent and well-done.
    You may use activities, snipits of videos, pictures, visuals, just about anything to get your audience to understand the information.

    A planning stage will be due which illustrates what you will do and how you will go about doing it. Additionally, I would like to see your notes on your topic. Please include in your research the major contributors (Piaget, Erikson, etc.) to your particular area of Developmental Psychology.

Click here to see the Developmental Psychology Evaluation Sheet

ACCOUNTABILITY SHEET:  Just like all projects in this class, you and each of your group members must rate each other and yourself in order to receive ANY grade on this project.  Please write a brief summary about what you/your partner(s) did and what score you deserve.