Disorders Poster & Article Summary
(2 different assignments, given at the same time with different due dates)

While covering Abnormal Psychology, you will be asked to do the following:

1. Disorders Poster...draw a poster of one of the disorders (which one you get will be determined in class) illustrating not just the symptoms of the disorder, but possible causes and potential treatments. I will provide you with the poster paper, you will provide the creativity, art work, and ingenuity in showing the aforementioned.

2. Disorders Article Summary ..find 2 different articles (newspaper, magazine, TV show, etc.) about ANY of the disorders covered in class and summarize the article. Explain and categorize the abnormal behavior according to the groups we have established in class:
*Anxiety-Based Disorders
*Dissociative Disorders
*Somatoform Disorders
*Mood/Affective Disorders
*Personality Disorders

In addition, explain the possible causes and potential treatments for the disorder.