Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle Exploration of Colgan Creek

(optional: download Seek by iNaturalist to take pictures and identify species)

Predict: What do you think you might experience at Colgan Creek (and on the way to and from) that will be examples of the carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle? How can a change at one point of the cycle create feedbacks that cause changes to other ares in the cycle?

Materials: Note paper, pencil/pen, phone/camera (optional)

Procedure: Walk to Colgan Creek and in groups of 2-3, make as many observations as possible that relate to the carbon and nitrogen cycle. Draw/sketch the creek and surrounding areas, labeling aspects of the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Take pictures (use Seek by iNaturalist), discuss and write observations about your experience.

Find at least 3 examples in/around the creek (or in view from the creek) for the carbon cycle and the same for the nitrogen cycle. Determine with your group how a change somewhere in the cycle will cause changes in the rest of the cycle.

Conclusion: Summarize your notes/observations/discussion and connect your real life observations with the carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle covered in class. Explain how a change will cause other changes in each cycle. Develop three questions that you want to know based on your observations/experience.

All information is to be in your Notes (advanced level can be demonstrated by answering the questions that came up during your experience or going above and beyond the outlined content objectives)