Personality Theory via...

Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982) (The following is the synopsis written by the director of the film)
    “The story of THE WALL is told simply with the music of Pink Floyd, images and natural effects. There is no conventional dialogue to process the narrative. The story is about Pink, a Rock and Roll performer, who sits locked in a hotel room, somewhere in Los Angeles. Too many shows, too much dope, too much applause: a burned out case. On the TV, an all too familiar war film flickers on the screen. We shuffle time and place, reality and nightmare as we venture into Pink’s painful memories, each one a “brick” in the wall he has gradually built around his feelings. Slowly he withdraws from the real world and slips further into his nightmares as he imagines himself as unfeeling demagogue, for whom all that is left is the demonstration of power over his unthinking audience, the culmination of the odious excess of his own world and the world around him. His internal self trial follows, as the witnesses of his past life, the very people who have contributed to the building of the wall, come forward to testify against him.”

    You have studied the 5 main Personality Theories and will describe Pink’s Personality based on these theories. Your grade will be based on how well you analyze the main characters personality, supported by the specific characteristics of each theory.
    You must cite specific scenes/lyrics from the movie and support your analyses/descriptions/explanations appropriately using the terms that the researchers have developed. (Don’t forget to include researchers’ names)

The theories are as follows:
*Behavioristic     *Cognitive     *Humanistic     *Psychoanalytic     *Trait

Note that there are 5 theories, so I’m not requiring a completely detailed analysis for each theory (I don’t want to read 15 pages as much as you don’t want to write 15 pages!) but each analysis should incorporate the main idea of each theory.

See Personality Evaluation Criteria for how it will be graded.

A copy of the lyrics will GREATLY help in the analysis assignment. Though the lyrics can be found on any site, I've included the following site because it provides insight about the development of the movie/album and some synposes of songs/scenes. I DO NOT recommend you copy the author's words/ideas, but the site does provide some background about the psychological history of the songs, the artists, and post-WWII England.)

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