Choose 1 of the following questions/comments and research it. The research must be in the form of literary research (look it up) as well as personal experience (run an experiment, develop questionnaires/surveys, find a case study, cross-sectional study/etc.) but remember the topic!
    You may use any research method but you will show your results in the form of a formal lab report. Appropriate planning will make this assignment (and any assignment) much easier. 

1. Why do some people engage in activities that most people would consider dangerous? (skydiving, racecar driving stunt performing)*

2. To what extent is our educational system reducing the intrinsic motivation to learn and replacing it with extrinsic motivation? How should we attempt to change the situation?

3. If hunger and sex are both biological drives, why is eating behavior considered normal, healthy, and public; while sexual behavior is often not condoned, it is highly regulated by society and felt to be intensely private?

4. Do humans have a basic curiosity or exploratory drive? Develop a hypothesis and an experiment to test it. What are the problems in carrying out this experiment?

5. Is "competition" a drive? Do we need to engage in competition, and what is the basis for competitive behavior?

6. Explain the biological and social factors that influence eating behaviors. Explain how these factors could contribute to obesity and the eating disorders anorexia or bulimia.

7. Who do you know that could be characterized as having high acheivement motivation? What can be discerned that could help in describing/explaining his/her behavior?

8. How do we derive our views of the ideal male and female? What approaches are used by social/economic institutions to motivate us to be like those ideals? What possible conflicts or disorders might arise from this situation?

Click here to see the Motivation Evaluation (or to print it if you lost the one I gave you)

*Check this video out as an example of Question #1: