EAHS General  Psychology  w/Fleischer

Welcome to Paul General Psychology Fleischer's  Class. Here you will find all information, handouts, standards, rubrics and procedures that will be covered in the class. Feel free to look here if you don't get something in class. All of the procedures and rules are posted in class. This site is also for your parents/guardians to see since they might not get a straight answer from you when they ask you what's going on in school! Enjoy.
(Thanks to Salym Blackwelder, Jed Dolan and everyone in 1999  for the opportunity to have this class at EAHS.)

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Classroom Procedures:
Assignments: Extras:
Class Syllabus (course outline)
2020 Class Syllabus (pandemic approved)
Class Notes (Cornell Notes) Standards/Topics/Links
Grades Lab Report Format
YouTube Channel
Absence Policy (missed work) Not Necessarily Current Event (NNCE) Video Links(brief summaries) thanks Ismael
Redone Work Policy
Daily Content Objectives/Agenda Notes per Topic/Standard (thank you Randy!)
Explanations of Graded Work Newsela (Class Code is 4RGEND) Related News Articles
Accountability Sheet (group work)
Google Classroom (turning in digital work)
Success Tips for College and Career

District Calendar

Parent Square

Psychology Club (code cnghe2h)

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